Tradition and experience – our impulse for innovation!

In our company, tradition and experience can be seen as the fundamentals of all creative processes ever since the beginning. The focus is in particular on the basic virtues of engineering: innovation, maturity, reliability and durability.

To these principles we owe more than 140 years of success and growth – a fact that makes us proud and a concept we will definitely hold on to in the future.


Learn what and to which technical extent we are able to develop for you. For this purpose, we prepared some information that may help you to get a detailed impression of our performance potential:

Our list of machines
Get an insight into our equipment.
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We manufacture and maintain pressure tanks and components under pressure according to your specifications and wishes.
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Certificates and qualifications
Take a look at our certificates and approvals (PDF-file).
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To open some of the documents you need the ADOBE READER which you can download here free of charge.
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